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Worklife Services

Call for More than 100 Ways to Help You Manage Your Life!
Work, children, friends, family—it all adds up to lack of time, and sometimes overwhelming stress.

Let us do your legwork.
We can provide the information and referrals for many of your personal needs. Just call 855-Here4TN (855-437-3486). We’ll do the research and provide you with a list of options in your area, or wherever you need them.

Look to us for information on a variety of services, including:

  • Household services. Plumbers who work evenings, housekeepers, carpenters, dry cleaners, auto repair shops, electricians, landscapers
  • Shopping. Clothing, antiques, sporting goods, specialty stores, shopping services for the elderly or disabled
  • Entertainment. Theater tickets, golf, travel arrangements, kid-friendly restaurants, nightclubs, horseback riding, concerts, dance lessons
  • Health and wellness. Fitness centers, urgent care clinics, all-night pharmacies
  • Personal services. Apartment brokers, caterers, tailors, translators, dog walkers
  • Education. College selection, financial aid, adult learning, arts and crafts

When times are tough, WorkLife Services can help, with referrals including:

  • Adult/Elder Support Service. For people who are aging or caring for adult and elder dependents, including caregiving, housing, transportation, meal services, senior activity groups
  • Child/Parenting Support Services. Answers to parenting questions, resources for daycare, summer camps, adoption, sick-child care
  • Chronic Condition Support. Non-medical support and resources for employees and dependents who have a condition like diabetes, arthritis or asthma

Our referrals are reliable.
Our resource specialists will search using our extensive database. Then, we’ll make phone calls to find options that meet your needs. You’ll get up-to-date details, including what services are offered, how much they cost, professional credentials and contact information. What might have taken you hours, now takes just one call!

Save time. Enjoy life. One quick call. Hundreds of real-world solutions.

Simply call 855-Here4TN (855-437-3486).

All calls and use of services are confidential in accordance with applicable law.

Please note: While WorkLife Services and all referrals are included as part of your benefits, you will have to pay for any WorkLife Services you decide to use. Our specialists cannot book or purchase services on your behalf. This is an educational referral-based service only. Certain services may not be available in some benefit plans. Consult your benefit plan to know what is available.